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K-100 K-200 K-Mini O-rings

These pumps use 3 O-rings. The Larger 2.5" diameter o-ring (part # 6331) goes on the plunger end and creates the air seal. This o-ring requires light lubrication. The other 2 o-rings are the same size/part number. These 2" diameter o-rings (part # 6326) act as cushions and are located on the plunger shaft. One can be seen from the outside of the pump and act as a bumper on the down-stroke and the other is inside the pump and acts as a bumper on the up-stroke.

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K-Pump 2.0" Blue Cushion O-ring K-Pump 2.0" Cushion O-ring

2.0" replacement o-ring.

Our Price: $3.00
K-Pump Blue Cushion O-ring K-100 K-Pump 2.5" Plunger O-ring

2.5" replacement o-ring

Our Price: $3.50